Get ready to throw away your clipboard

March 07, 2012  |  Amber Hanneken  —  Return to articles

Welcome to the FormMobi blog. We’re excited to finally go live with our newest product and begin telling you all more about it.

First, I’d like to give a brief history of FormMobi and a la mode. I think it’s important to know that we aren’t a startup or Johnny-Come-Lately to the mobile applications and data management fields.  

a la mode has been seriously dominating the real estate software industry for the last 26 years. We create workflow tools and web solutions for appraisers, agents, mortgage professionals, inspectors, and more. If you’ve ever dealt with appraisal forms, you’ve likely seen our name at the bottom of the reports. Our primary software, WinTOTAL and TOTAL, help appraisers fill out those forms. We developed our first mobile solution in 1993 to also aid in that process.

Appraisers today, like many professionals, need to collect a great deal of data in the field. They collect information on the condition and size of a property to determine valuation. Traditionally this process involves a clipboard, measuring tool, and pen or pencil. They would write down the pertinent information, measure the home or structure, and use the measurements to create a sketch on graph paper. Then, when they get back to the office they would type all the data they collected into their forms and redraw the sketch using a program. Sound familiar?

So the idea was simple: create a field inspection tool that works the way appraisers do. It allows them to gather data and draw sketches digitally in the field then send that information back to the office in a usable format. So in 2007 we created an app for tablet PCs, but it really took off when we released our iPhone and iPad apps in 2009 and 2010, and an Android™ app this past year. Click here and here to read interviews with appraisers who save a ton of time using the TOTAL app in the field.

But the important part, and what brings you to this blog post today, was that it not only took off with appraisers but many other professionals in a variety of industries all over the world took notice too. E-mails poured in requesting a version that could help them with data management and workflow efficiency. Architects, energy assessors, roofing and flooring contractors, construction professionals, inspectors, planners, surveyors, landscapers, and more had downloaded the TOTAL for Mobile app to their mobile devices and saw how, with some adjustments, it could help them to ditch their clipboards and save time too.

Well, we listened and FormMobi was born.  I promise that you’ll be able to manage data like never before. Anyone from a homeowner to small business owner to a manager at an international corporation will be able to design any form that they need (or use one of our pre-designed layouts), upload that form to any iPhone, iPad, or Android device, then fill it out on site just like appraisers do now.  And, the sketcher is there too with new features and ways for you to best utilize it in your business. 

Best of all, our development team can create enterprise solutions for large companies that get data from the field into your multi-million-dollar back-end systems better than anyone else, all while saving you time and money in the process.

Keep an eye on this blog for the latest news and we’ll be talking about more ways FormMobi can work for you.